What To Expect

What To Expect When You Visit

          When you visit you will be warmly welcomed.  We are a small group, usually 15-25 people in attendance, so you won’t be anonymous. But we don’t put our visitors “on display.” We’ll make sure you have a Bible, a bulletin, a Psalter (song book) and a visitor’s information packet. The service normally begins at 11:15 a.m. and concludes about 12:30.  However, we often have a class before the service, so check the Calendar page on this website.  Visitors are invited and encourage to come to that as well.

          Before the service begins Pastor Mencarow (above left) asks for news and prayer requests.  He then reads the Scripture memory verse for the week, the quote of the week, and the catechism question and answer of the week, all found in the bulletin.  Then to begin the service he welcomes the worshippers in the Name of the Lord, reads a Bible passage that is the call to worship and prays for the Lord’s blessing upon the service; especially that we worship Him in accordance with His Word, the Bible, that we bring nothing to the worship service of our own inventions, and that He would bring us the joy and comfort that comes from glorifying His Name. Often he will pray for believers around the world, especially for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted churches.

          The pastor then reads and briefly explains a portion of the Old Testament — we started at Genesis and are reading through the books in order.  We then sing a Psalm.  We sing the Psalms because they were written by the Lord for His people to sing in worship.  We do not believe that any human being can write songs that are better than what the Lord has written and commanded for His worship.

          Then Elder Dewell (photo left) reads a portion of the New Testament; again, we go through the books in order.  We sing another Psalm, followed by a brief period of silent prayer wherein we each ask the Lord to bring those particular sins we have committed to mind and we silently confess them to Him.  The pastor then prays for true confession, repentance, the promise of forgiveness through Christ, and asks His blessing upon the Word preached.

          The sermon follows.  It is what is known as an expository sermon; that is, the pastor reads a verse or passage of the Bible, explains it in everyday language and applies it to our lives.  He tries to saturate every sermon with the Gospel.  He normally preaches through an entire book of the Bible, verse-by-verse, although he will sometimes preach on other verses if the occasion warrants it.  He does not tell stories that have little or nothing to do with the Bible text.

          After the sermon the pastor asks the Lord to grant specific prayer requests and prays for other matters, including the church as a whole and for the congregation of Reformation Church.  We then sing a Psalm and the service closes with the benediction, which is a brief blessing from Scripture given by the pastor.

          Immediately after the service the floor is open for discussion and questions about the sermon or any other topics.

          Following the service and discussion we have a time of fellowship, and you as a visitor are encouraged to stay for that.

          We look forward to meeting you!

          If you have any questions please contact Pastor Mencarow at 210-776-1750 or e-mail him.